Cool Car Casting has been setting the standard for picture car acquisition for nearly one hundred years.

It all began when a young Russell Scott received his first car at age six. It was small, and had pedals. Russell’s life would never again be the same. He would abandon his parents soon afterwards, taking his car and heading for Hollywood.

Scott and Hollywood were a natural fit. He learned from the greats, working with Chaplin, Griffith, and even the notoriously hard to please Hughes. This toughened him, and by age ten he was already a seasoned professional.

He assisted in the acquisition of both train and track for Keaton’s blockbuster film. Scott received no formal credit, but acknowledged that it was not recognition that drove him. It was the satisfaction of knowing he had been there and done his part.

Much has changed since then of course. You will however still find Russell Scott working tirelessly behind the scenes… his energy and enthusiasm as contagious today as it was nearly a century ago.